10 Reasons Why I Love Leadpages Sites

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Move on over Wordpress, there’s a new player in town with the launch of Leadpages Sites.

I’ve been using Leadpages for my landing pages and opt-in forms for years. Because It’s been a core staple of my marketing toolkit for years, I was thrilled when I discovered that they decided to turn the Leadpages builder into a full-blown site builder.

And I gotta say, they nailed it. Based on my experiences with the builder and the results I’m seeing vs. other platforms, I feel comfortable saying it’s the #1 tool I would recommend for small businesses looking to grow online.

Here’s 10 reasons why the Leadpages website builder has completely blown me away.

#1: With Leadpages Sites, there are no awful Wordpress plugins or themes to fiddle with or keep updated.

This is a biggie. Not only is keeping a bazillion Wordpress plugins up to date a pain, it’s also terrible for your website security and can leave you vulnerable to being hacked.

Leadpages comes pre-built with all of the tools you need to build and launch a high-converting website and landing pages, no extra plugins required.

#2: Our team is building and launching client websites faster than ever before.

Because Leadpages Sites come with everything you need without configuring additional plugins or extras, we’re able to go from website planning to design to launch in record time.

In fact, it’s quickly become the core offering for Belt Creative Websites. Our clients love having the ability to manage their own website post-launch, and knowing that their website is fully optimized for mobile, lightning fast, and primed to generate sales for their business.

#3: Leadpages Sites are focused on conversion (which is what small businesses need).

Newsflash: nobody needs a pretty website to take up more space on the web (well, okay, maybe Apple does. It’s kinda their thing). Pretty is nice, but what small businesses need more than pretty is a website that generates leads. And what most people don’t know is that the things that can make a website “pretty” can negatively impact how many people actually end up contacting your business.

That’s not to say that Leadpages websites are skimping on design frills, ‘cuz one look at the Leadpages Sites Templates will prove otherwise. What you won’t find though are massive piles of extra code that slow down your site (and slow sites get punished by Google’s search rankings).

Leadpages basically wrote the book on how to convert website traffic into business leads, so of course their website builder guides you through best practices. That means that even if you have never built a website before, if you follow the guidelines of Leadpages website templates, you’re going to be set up for success.

Download The Ultimate Homepage Checklist

#4: Leadpages SEO tools are super easy to use and understand.

Leadpages Sites Search Engine Optimization SEO Options.jpg

For most small business owners, understanding the arcane science of Search Engine Optimization is a major headache. The good news is that you don’t have to understand all 200+ factors that go into the Google Search Algorithm, you just need to understand 4:

  1. Make sure your website is mobile-responsive so that it looks good on every device.

  2. Give your website SSL and HTTPS security.

  3. Optimize your website to load as quickly as possible.

  4. Add meta tags and descriptions to every page so Google knows what your website is about.

Leadpages handles 1 - 3 for you by being mobile-responsive out of the box, providing HTTPS for every website, and being lightning fast, but they also make it super easy to manage your meta tags and page descriptions right within your page settings. They even let you preview what your page will look like in Google search results.

#5: The Site themes are so good.

Just look at ‘em. My inner designer squee’d when I saw the whole collection.

The nice thing about using Leadpages templates when you’re DIYing your website is that you know that your base site has been designed by a team of folks who have made their name in the conversion business.

For first-timers just getting online for the first time, it really can be as simple as picking a template and customizing it for your branding. Every template also has pre-written copy, which is great if copywriting isn’t something that comes naturally.

Since every Leadpages template shares the same base code, you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong template and being locked out of features down the line. Every Leadpages template can be completely customized to match the look and feel of your business and you never have to worry about missing the latest and greatest features.

On top of all that, Leadpages is constantly adding new templates for different business types. Odds are one for your line of work is already up there.

#6: Leadpages Sites are blazin’ fast. Like melt Google’s face off fast.

Everybody wants to have a fast website. There’s nothing more frustrating that landing on a business website and waiting forever for it to load.

Not to mention, Google loves fast websites. They actively prioritize the websites that are secure, fast, and mobile-responsive, so it’s more important than ever to make sure that your website is built on a solid foundation.

Leadpages has long been the leader in landing-page builder speed, and they’ve taken everything that works for their landing page builder and ported it over to their website builder to ensure that Leadpages Sites are among the fastest in the biz.

#7: Sites are mobile responsive out of the box, and they come with advanced tools for mobile optimization.


Facts are facts: people are visiting websites on their phones more than on their laptops. Mobile website traffic now accounts for more than 50% of all web traffic, and that number is only expected to increase over time.

That means that to stay relevant to your customers, your website needs to deliver an outstanding experience on mobile. Nothing less than having your website be 100% as effective on mobile as it is on desktop is acceptable anymore.

Thankfully all Leadpages Sites are mobile responsive out of the box, and they give you the tools you need to create a mobile optimized website by allowing you to design sections of your site specifically for certain devices. How’s that for clever?

#8: Finally there is a website builder that has easy integrations with other marketing tools 👏👏👏.


I’m a huge fan of Squarespace, but man does it not play nice with other marketing tools.

The only built-in marketing integration is with Mailchimp and the rest of the integrations are handled via Zapier. Which is fine, but it’s certainly not easy.

Since Leadpages started off as a landing page builder, they’ve had integrations at heart from the beginning. That means that you won’t have to install any plugins for your website to automatically connect with your Email Service Provider, CRM, booking software, reservation software, or anything else you can throw at it.

#9: Leadpages has a fantastic support team that knows what they’re talking about and treats you like a real person.

I haven’t needed to contact Leadpages support very often, but every time I have it’s been an outstanding experience. The team at Leadpages is legitimately dedicated to helping small business owners succeed, and that mission is reflected in the customer service that they deliver.

What I appreciate about Leadpages support is that it goes beyond just technical support. They also provide heaps and heaps of educational resources to teach you about marketing your business online. When you sign up for Leadpages, you’re not just signing up for a website builder. You’re signing up to have a team of conversion specialists helping you succeed online.

#10: Page updates are done and dusted in minutes, not days or weeks.

There is huge value in being able to edit your website quickly. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s one of the top considerations you should look for when deciding what platform to build your website on.

Websites aren’t static like they used to be. Businesses need to provide dynamic, engaging, and up-to-date information for their customers at all times. That means that being able to quickly update your site is more important than ever, and the Leadpages builder is about as easy as it gets.

Point and click.

Drag and drop.

Boom, done.

Ready to upgrade to an easy to use Leadpages website?

Leadpages Sites are super DIY friendly, so if you’re feeling inspired I’d suggest downloading The Ultimate Homepage Checklist and spinning up your own Leadpages Site. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to build your own high-converting website 😉

And hey, if you need any help getting up and running on the platform, feel free to give us a shout.