How to Choose The Best Proposal Software For Your Business

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You’re finally making the step towards simplifying your workflow and choosing a proposal software to streamline your sales process.

But when sit down to look, but there’s actually quite a few options out there. Not only that, but few of them have particularly defined features and that can make it quite difficult to see what they’re all about without diving fully into the program to figure that out.

Well, we completely understand your frustration, and so we did the work for you. We researched five popular proposal softwares to help you choose the best one for you without having to test out all of these softwares yourself.

We’ve outlined the top 5 characteristics of your company that will define the software you will benefit most from. To make it even easier for you, click here to download our proposal software comparison cheat sheet.

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Are you looking to stand out with attention-grabbing proposals, or are you trying to crank out large amounts of generic documents?

If you’re selling a unique product or are trying to make a name in a competitive industry, you’ll want a proposal software that gives you the ability to customize your proposals or hire someone to customize for you, like Proposify.

Qwilr and PandaDoc both offer pre-made templates and a stock library to choose images from, but they offer little outside customization. If you’re in a more automated, clean cut industry that simply requires simple, minimalistic forms or proposals, you might need something with a bulk import/export like Docusign.

Are you tech-savvy or do you need a little more help navigating new software?

If you find it easy to learn new software and don’t really need a 24/7 support team to assist when you run into issues, Proposable and Docusign have a knowledge base. They also offer online assistance, but they require you to submit a form for help and wait a while for a response.

Docusign offers higher assistance for additional fees. Qwilr and PandaDoc both offer phone and online support as well as video tutorials. Proposify offers live chat support and has a knowledge base as well, but only offers phone support on their enterprise plan.

How important are mobile capabilities to you?

Are you in a fast-paced or hectic industry?  Are on-the-go capabilities very important to your business? Not all proposal softwares come with mobile applications, so it’s important to question if this is important to you.

Proposify, PandaDoc, Docusign, Proposable and Qwilr are all web-based softwares. However, Proposify and Docusign are the only softwares that have both and iPhone app and an Android app.

Are you looking for ways to optimize and speed up your proposal process?

If you’re handling a large amount of proposals or documents that go from colleague to colleague, online cloud based softwares offer some things to help speed up the process for you.

Proposify, Qwilr and Docusign offer electronic signatures, so you don’t have to wait for your client to print, sign, and scan (by the way, your clients really are not a fan of that busywork either).

After signing, you can speed things up further by asking your clients to pay online, which is a feature unique to Proposify, Pandadoc, and Qwilr.

Do you struggle to locate where proposals are in the sales process?

If this describes you, you’re looking for a proposal software that can take a big part of the process and automate it for you.

Proposify, Qwilr and Docusign have notifications and reminders to help remember certain due dates. Proposify also gives you the ability to set up auto-follow ups with your clients such as Thank You’s or Reminders, as does Proposable and Docusign.

Proposify also has a built in sales pipeline, so you can see where your proposals are at and keep track of them with customizable tags. You can also see how long someone has spent on a proposal, or set due dates for your proposals so they don’t hang in limbo too long.

Our recommendation: give Proposify a try for free. If it’s not for you, try another proposal software.

For most people, Proposify is going to be the right fit because it allows you to keep track our your sales process more efficiently with a built in sales pipeline, notifications, and auto-follow up capabilities. Proposify offers some great additional features like mobile apps, electronic signatures, and payment processing. Proposify is also affordable with different plans to cater to the size of your business.

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