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Select your starting template.

Choose from any of the stunning designs in our Proposify Template Store or from Proposify’s built-in templates. Your template choice doesn't change the price of your quote, so you can pick whichever template you like best.

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Tell us how you’d like your template customized.

You name say the word, and we can make it happen. From full branding customization, to proposal content upload, to designing entirely new sections. Simply let us know what you’d like done to your template and we’ll put together an estimate for you to review.

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We’ll train you and your entire team on how to use your new custom template.

We’ll record a fully customized training session to guide you through how to use your customized template and transfer it to your Proposify account. With the right training and tools in hand, there’s nothing to stop you from sealing the deal.


Every Proposify Template Customization project includes everything you need to succeed.


Proposify Training Session

One of our Proposify Partner team members will take you and your team on a training video call where we’ll show you how easy it is to create and send proposals, make edits to your template, and seal the deal.

✅ Unlimited Licensed Photos & Graphics

Need graphics and licensed photography for your proposal? All of our Proposal Template Customization projects include unlimited stock assets licensed for your initial proposal template design.

✅ Proposal Testing

We’ll make sure that everything in your template works as expected, including when it’s downloaded as a PDF for your future customers to view.


Every business is unique.
Chat with us for your custom quote.

Nobody likes surprises when it comes to pricing. That’s why our Proposify Template Customization pricing is all inclusive so that you can stay within your budget. Reach out to our team to chat about your project and we’ll put together a custom quote for you.

Pricing starts at $347.



Be sure to check out our Proposify Design FAQ, or reach out to us directly in the chat.


Start boosting your bottom line with a customized Proposify Template today.

Team up with a Proposify Partner to customize your proposal template and you’ll be sending winning proposals in record time.