Take back the time that’s better spent growing your business.

We get it, keeping your website and digital marketing up-to-date is complicated and time intensive. Instead of spending endless hours learning to code, or laboring over landing page layouts, let us handle it while you do more of the work you enjoy.


Never experience a website or ad campaign tech-headache ever again.

Your website is the face of your business online, but it's so easy for your online presence to fall by the wayside. With monthly testing, analytics reporting, and ongoing support from our team, your website and digital marketing will always be a high-converting showcase for your products and services.


Bespoke ongoing website support created just for your business.

No two businesses are exactly alike, so why should your website support be? We’ll chat with you to figure out what tasks need to be taken care of month-to-month and create a customized website support plan for your business.


Here’s just a few of the reasons why you’ll love having ongoing website and digital marketing support from Belt Creative…



An Expert Team On-Call

Enjoy having an expert team on-call to manage your digital marketing at a fraction of the cost of an employee.



Personalized Tech Support

With an intimate knowledge of your website and your business, we'll be ready to leap into action if you run into any trouble.



Business Growth

By keeping your website always up to date, you're investing in the long-term growth prospects of your business.



These are just some of the tasks we can handle for you on a monthly basis.

Don’t see a task listed here? Grab a time to chat with our team and walk us through what you need done each month and we’ll create a custom plan just for your business.


💰Ecommerce Store Updates

Each month we’ll add, remove, and update products for your Shopify online store.

📝 Blog Posting

Each month we’ll meet with you to discuss upcoming news articles, and then we’ll work to format your posts beautifully on your Squarespace website.

🖥 New Website Pages

Never worry about keeping your offerings up-to-date again. Simply supply us with your copy, and we’ll create a new design layout to showcase your services.

🔎 Ongoing Search Optimization

Using our integrated SEO tools, we’ll keep an eye out for opportunities for you to climb to the top of Google.

⌨️ Backend Admin & DNS

Never worry about wrangling endless strings of numbers again. With powerful DNS management via Cloudflare, you can rest assured that everything just works.

📱Ad Campaigns

Drive traffic to your website every day with fully managed digital marketing campaigns.


Just like our design rates, our support pricing is simple and straightforward.

Our monthly support pricing is all-inclusive and tailored to suit your needs. And if your needs change, we’ll give you a heads up to make sure that you stay within your budget.


Website Maintenence & Support

Plans start at

$297 monthly

Up to 5 hours of all-inclusive website support each month.



Website & Digital Marketing Support

Plans start at

$497 monthly

Up to 10 hours of all-inclusive website and digital marketing campaingn management.



Website, Digital Marketing, & Social Media Posting

Plans start at

$997 monthly

Outsource your full online marketing stack to Belt Creative.



Just need a little support each month?

We also provide pay as you go updates at $99 hourly.



Be sure to check out our Website Support FAQ, or reach out to us directly in the chat.


Say goodbye to tech-mess, say hello to tech-success.

Chat with us today for a free consultation on how we can eliminate your tech-headaches with a website and digital marketing support plan that delivers consistent results for your business.