Business Toolbox

Here's the running list of resources that have proven essential for my own business.





Brilliant Websites

I use Squarespace for my own website, and for all my clients' websites. I love the platform so much that I became a Squarespace Authorized Trainer so that I can teach the software and empower other business owners. It is, quite simply, the best website solution for most people and businesses.



Proposals that Win

Proposify changes the game by making it easy to send gorgeous proposals to your clients. Plus they can sign right in their browser, which keeps them speeding through your sales pipeline with zero friction. I'm a Proposify Certified Partner, and since I started using Proposify, my close rate has more than doubled. 



Personalized Email Marketing at Scale

Honestly, most email marketing softwares are awful to use and feel spammy. ConvertKit strips that all the garbage away and makes it easy to start putting together an email list now and it’s a platform that will let you put together powerful automations going forward.



Email, Files, and Everything Else

As far as I'm concerned, Google is in a league of it's own when it comes to business collaboration. I use Google Docs for keeping everything in order between my team and my clients.



Content Creator's Best Friend

If you've ever wanted to create online courses or digital products, you've gotta check out Podia. Hands-down it has the best tools that a content marketer needs in order to get their content in front of an audience.



Webinars that Don't Suck

I've looked long and hard for a webinar solution that doesn't make me want to shave my eyeballs. Demio is that webinar solution. Everything about it is...pleasant. 



Meeting Scheduling Mischief Managed

Nobody has time for back-and-forth emails to set up a meeting, so get it automated!


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